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12 Reasons why there is chilling media silence over crime against Hindus

12 Reasons why there is chilling  1

In the course of recent years and particularly in the previous couple of months, there can be seen a pattern of highlighting Hindu violations against Muslims. Slaughtering of peaceful Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh or even in India is not considered important by the media, by government or by different political gatherings or by Human Rights industry in India.

In a case where the wrongdoing is against the Muslim community or a minority gathering, there is bound to be a heated television debate on the topic but should it be something against the Hindu community, the silence on those very television channels is deafening. It unmistakably demonstrates that the media is not unbiased and is actively playing a partisan role.

Why the double standards? Why this discrimination?

Let us try and comprehend the reasons why this has been going on for a while now:

1). Television media is upon intent inculcating a feeling of victimhood among Muslims

The best case of this is the way the media regularly focuses on Narendra Modi with regard to treatment meted out to muslims of Gujarat. This sustained campaign has gone on despite the court’s having absolved him of any direct involvement in maltreating any section of society.

2). Indian media making the common Hindu feel Guilty.

Just as the TV media is always trying to make Muslims feel like victims, it is additionally working in making Hindus feel remorseful about it. Truth about RSS being an nationalistic organisation is known to all but still a common Hindu is made to believe that RSS is shrewd and that BJP is and will always remain hostile to Muslim. This is what he gets to know through the television media.

3). Media will only display what is sensational and not what’s essential.

Whether we talk about Delhi elections or recent Bihar elections, attacks on Muslims, intolerance in India and Award Wapsi by intellectuals turn into a focal argument on television and suffering of the Hindus within the country or outside is not a topic worth discussing for the media.

4). Political parties, particularly the Congress fund the media for favorable coverage.

BJP does not pamper the media, gives no gifts, no free stay at bungalows, no foreign tours, no awards and others sops that the UPA administration used to extend to them. Feeling left out as high and dry after the cozy relationship the media enjoyed under the Congress led governments, the media is intentionally supporting the party, at the cost of underplaying other important news, especially one that relates to crime against Hindus.

5). Indian media is biased in its reporting ?

Humiliating naked depictions of Hindu Gods and Goddesses by artists like MF Hussain are defended as a part of pluralist and secular India that stands by freedom of expression by the media, but any criticism of the Muslim personal law or the religion gets labelled as intolerance and an assault on the practitioners of a minority religion.

When an painting exhibition at Baroda University showing Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the nude was questioned by Hindus, the media went berserk, accusing the community of moral policing. But when Francois Gaugier’s paintings of Aurangzeb displayed at a gallery in Chennai was contradicted and by Muslim extremists, the media did not even report the incident.

What kind of Freedom of Expression is the media clamoring for?

6). For a higher TRP, the media would do anything.

Reporting good an in depth stories costs both time and money, something the media cannot afford or is unwilling to spend. Given the comfort levels provided by Congress led earlier governments, the media was privileged to be reporting from the plane that used to carry the Prime Minister. In absence of such facilities and to maintain market shares, the media is playing to the gallery for achieving higher TRPs. As Modi and BJP is not obliging them, the media is resorting to sensationalising incidents to unfairly try and embarrass BJP and PM Modi.

7). Indian media fears being labelled communal so they shroud reality.

The media reported Dadri in great detail but Malda violence in West Bengal was not seen or reported. Clearly the media is shirking from its responsibility by shrouding reality. Fearing being called a communalist the media simply does not touch issues that could cause a majority backlash.

8). Does the media fear the Muslims?

In Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, a minor Muslim girl was tonsured by Muslim men for falling in love with a Hindu boy. The girl’s family had agreed to the marriage by the Muslim community prevailed upon and called off the engagement. No bold journalism was visible in reporting in reporting the incident and it was quietly allowed to pass by with any media scrutiny.

Moral policing by Muslims is okay for the media but moral policing by Hindus is in violation of fundamental rights. Is the media not bold enough for some and very bold for others?

9). The Congress party claims and holds sway over most standard media houses

Congress has a solid hold over not on just television media, but also over well known newspaper, which include Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Hindu and others. That makes a considerable difference.

All know how much value Congress, SP, JDU, TMC and the like value Muslim votes, something they make an extra attempt to polarize for their own gain.

10). Indian media remains silent about Islamic atrocities

It is a kind of self-censorship that the media in India has imposed on itself. Born out of insecurity, they fear of becoming targets of Islamic terrorism. Media project themselves as ‘left-liberals’  but have shied away from highlighting atrocities carried out in the name of Islam.

11). Media is primarily under control of Leftist groups.

Muslims and Leftists, both know that their main competitor is Hinduism and both can’t hope to win as long as the majority believes in Hinduism. Supported by previous Congress government, leftist’s got an early hold over many media organisation and to contain a complete rout of its cadres, only selective reporting is done, like in the case of Assam Muslim Riots. They were completely ignored by mainstream media simply because they were started by illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

12). Some TV news channels thrive under a strong communal divide

Take the case of NDTV, a national television broadcaster.  Not a single day passes bye when the NDTV website does not carry an anti-Hindu article on its prime news page. Another case that comes to mind is the media hounding of Narendra Modi, especially so when he was the chief minister of Gujarat. They simply drive the Hindu – Muslim wedge deeper to gain viewership and make an extra buck.

Sheer hypocrisy is exemplified.

Author: Ankita Khariak 

Published: Jan 25, 2016

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