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The curious case of Kejriwal

 The curious case of KejriwalIf Kejriwal has been brought to the limelight to divide the anti-incumbency/anti-corruption votes thereby stopping Modi from coming to power, no more discussion is required on it. In that case, he is bigger culprit than Gandhis because while Gandhis are arrogantly corrupt, Kejriwal has raised the hopes of thousands of people who see him as messiah who will remove corruption from this country. If only 10% of senior founder AAP member Ashwini Upadhyay’s revelations are true, Kejriwal may be the most wicked politician India has seen in last few decades.

Hoping that Kejriwal has no backstage agreement with Congress, why his foreign funding from the likes of Ford foundation is an issue, does it really mean he is a CIA agent? To understand this, we need to understand the position of India with respect to the countries that matter, the countries that have resources and intention to steer the world in the direction of their choice.

Assume that Sri Lanka starts making big economic progress, its per capita income rises drastically, every citizen is rich, the country is prosperous, it has a strong military and it starts flexing its muscles. The currently world-dominating western powers will of course, not like it and will try to stop it from becoming rich but there is a limit to which Sri Lanka can flex its muscles. With just 65000 sq. Km area (2% the size of India), it cannot grow without help from outside world. With this small area, it cannot have all kinds of raw materials, foods, minerals, energy sources; a small set of sanctions can cripple its machinery.

Compare this to the prospects of a rich and prosperous India. A country rich in minerals, fertile land, rivers, mountains, seas, talented people. If a group of 120 crore humans called Indians (i.e. more than 15% of world population) becomes rich, that could spell a serious threat to any world-dominating power. Even if India doesn’t want to dominate on the world stage in that case, it can be a self-sufficient entity needing little or no help from the outside world. That again means loss of precious market for the companies dominating the world today.

Another factor which (pseudo-)secularists will want to ignore deliberately because of their vested interests and/or because of their self-perceived broadmindedness is the large size of a Hindu population in India. Call me communal but it’s a fact that imperialistic religions (Christianity and Islam) find it hard to accept that despite their crusades and jihads spanning centuries, Hinduism is alive today, howsoever wounded it may be. It again means loss of market share for the religions that have expansionist intentions. From a Microsoft point of view, it’s like a billion PCs running on Linux Operating System, huge potential of Windows’ expansion there.

These are the two reasons India is a prime target, because a strong India is a bigger threat than any other strong country. If Indians start believing in themselves (and not follow the western model of development blindly), are proud of its culture and history, that means a big loss for the proponents of those expansionist forces. These are the forces that are working actively to make sure India follows the footprints of west – if it develops, it should be as prescribed by the west; if it becomes strong, it should be no stronger than the west. Even corruption is basically an outcome of low self-esteem induced by such forces.

You cannot tell a country not to grow financially, you cannot tell the citizens of a country not to feel proud of themselves. How do these expansionist forces work – by pampering the opinion makers, thought leaders, people who have the position to make public opinion. Not only pampering them but nurturing them, and making them i.e. deciding who will be in different leadership positions in future. Say a group of historians who are all equally competent, equally talented and equally hard working. One of them writes a book praising mughal emperor Akbar and another one writes a book praising Maharana Pratap. If the one writing about Akbar is invited to deliver a lecture in some prominent university, is given research grant, his NGO gets funding to do some kind of community service, he will definitely leave the other one behind. He will be considered a more competent historian, his books will sell in higher numbers, his thoughts will prevail in a wider circle. Of course to avoid suspicion, some grants might actually be going to the real social service. But if you talk about a strong India, founded on strong Hindu principles, you will surely not be their blue-eyed boy.

This is how our thoughts are controlled. Those who talk about Kashmir going independent or to Pakistan, those who talk about a broken India, those who pester Hinduism in the name of dowry are pampered and given grants and awards, they get mention in western media and because of our colonized mind, we feel good about Indians getting recognition from the west. Numerous individuals, books, movies have won awards from west in last few decades, how many of these individuals, authors, movie makers talk about a happy, strong, undivided India. Incidentally, lot of people/organizations surrounding Kejriwal, those funding him, those influencing him are from this league of breaking India forces. It’s your choice whether you call them CIA agents or something else.

There was a discussion and later denial in WikiLeaks about Modi being incorruptible. We cannot be sure whether Modi is corrupt or not, but we can be sure that western powers have special interest in identifying who is ‘corruptible’ and who is ‘not’, among the prominent people of India. I guess that says it all about the kind of control they want to exert on India, through Indians.

If you are convinced about the existence of such breaking India forces and their strong influence on shaping the opinions of Indian masses about their own country, it may be time to find out the real people, organizations supporting Kejriwal and their background, intentions. CIA, Ford Foundation, Oscar award, Booker prize or KGB - the name hardly matters; what really matters is a flourishing, peaceful, unified India or otherwise!

Acknowledgement: The basic concept of Breaking India forces is taken from Shri Rajiv Malhotra's research on the subject. If you are interested in a detailed analysis, you may refer his book titled 'Breaking India'.

Author: Arun Kumar

Published: May 7th, 2014