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About Us

Jagrit Bharat is an internet based news analysis and research organization serving the Indian community across the globe. We focus on development and dissemination of leading viewpoints by facilitating opposing opinions for betterment of humanity in general and India in specific.  Our online services are complemented by event management and production & distribution of our analysis & research in multi-media and print format.

In other words, we are an awareness service for fellow Indians globally; with following guiding thoughts:

OUR MISSION (The Purpose of Existence) is: 
- To provide better understanding of the developments in our country and the world around us that impact Indian heritage/ culture and our current way of life 
- To improve understanding of our governance and national issues
- To provide a knowledge bank and analysis to improve quality of life at personal level
- Non-Indians are very welcome to benefit from the wisdom of India

OUR VISION (The Aspired Tangible future state) is
To make Jagrit-Bharat website a leading platform (a standard), for genuine well-wishers of India to come together, improve their understanding and identify ways & get started to provide meaning services:
- Primarily, to India & Indians (take care of ourselves first)
- Secondarily, to broader mankind (in the great tradition of India)

- There’s too much noise in the fast changing times of globalization, dominated by the west. There’s a lack of organizations that provide clarity on issues which concern our culture, our country and our personal lives.
- Whatever the reasons, the current mainstream media and opinion makers in India don’t seem to have commitment to “stand up for the truth” AND “serve the country.” Jagrit-Bharat team strives to provide a genuine awareness service in the current complex times.

- Among the mainstream Indian intellectuals, as soon as you start talking about patriotism or Sanatan Dharma, you are branded orthodox, right wing etc. Yes! we are proudly anchored in Dharma and work with the mindset of universal (first national level) harmony through Dharma and Yog.
- It is Dharma that guides us to accept different religions with respect! Our understanding of Dharma suggests that, it is the right ideology/philosophy which provides a "genuinely" secular & republic system for India.

No two things in nature are exactly same. Diversity is natural, it’s a gift of God and should be viewed positively. We strive to absorb the opposing ideas to improve our understanding and not trigger negativity & conflict.

If these core values align with your mindset and you want to contribute for an "aware India", feel free to send us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Hardworking, good inidividuals are always very welcome.